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Why become a member?


The APSPH is about help, support and education for all involved with the hiring of polo ponies. The board of directors work hard to make sure that the voice of polo pony hirers are heard on subjects that matter.

We are often asked – what do I get for my membership? Well, we may not be making your feed bill smaller or you staff wages less complex, but we have made sure that when the Government decided to change the way your business is regulated and licenced that the law worked for you. Since 2016 the APSPH has fought alongside many other equestrian bodies to ensure that the new REL regulations and law didn’t exclude our specialist sport. Without this hard work it could have meant many small polo pony hire businesses would have been unable to licence their establishment.

We do also strive to provide as many useful resources and benefits in addition to our government level negotiations to make as much of what you do to hire out your wonderful ponies as straight forward as possible.

We are always on hand, on the phone or email to provide assistance wherever possible to our members.

We strive to be inclusive – if you don’t have your licence we will support you in whatever way we can to help you to get one. We have done this with many polo schools and pony hirers since 2013.

We are here to help you, not hinder you, so if you have a question about what and why we do what we do get in touch. You can email or

How to Become a Member


  1. Apply to your local authority for a Riding Establishment Licence
  2. Ensure you have a valid insurance policy. Public Liability to £5 million and Employers Liability to £10 million.
  3. Fill out the application form.
  4. Send us the completed form along with the membership fee in an email with scanned copies of your membership form and Riding Establishment Licence to

Payment Information


The £200 annual membership fee can be sent to us along with your application form or can be paid by bank transfer. Membership renewals are due each year on 1 March.

NatWest Bank
Sort code: 56-00-68
Account no: 37961454

Postal memberships can be accepted, please contact Lucy Wilson, +44(0)7919 252529 to arrange this.

Members Code of Conduct

By completing your membership form and submitting the required paperwork you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of membership as set out in the Members Code of Conduct. To review this please scroll down for downloads.

Membership Benefit Partners

As part of your membership you will receive information about your membership benefits, supplied to us by a series of partnerships with other organisations and supportive companies that provide relevant services and resources .

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Members Directory

When we have approved your membership your REL details and contact information will be provided on our Members Directory page.

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Membership Benefit Partners