Who are the APSPH?

The Board of Directors Elected by our members

Director Members: Thom Bell, Tessa Collett & Sophie Heath
Co-opted Directors: Maj. Peter Hunter & Nicola Bell
Chairman: Chris Adkins 

We Aim To

  • Provide information to guide and support all existing and emerging Polo Schools and Pony Hirers
  • Promote welfare and safety standards in polo
  • Deliver a ‘Gold Standard’ across our sector of the industry in all aspects of our business
  • Ensure consumers have the information and understanding they need to make informed choices about where and with whom they learn to play polo or from whom they hire polo ponies

How Did We Get Here?

On 9 May 2013 the APSPH was incorporated and launched in Spring/Summer 2014. The APSPH and this website gives access to information on Membership, Licensing, Insurance and importantly a handbook for those looking to do their Riding Establishment Licence for the first time. 


Why Should I Hire a Horse From an APSPH Member?

Pony Hire Providers Are Required...

to hold a valid Riding Establishment Licence according to law in England Scotland and Wales. Anyone who hires out horses for ridden or exhibition activities - including polo activities, stick and ball, lessons, chukkas, games, umpiring etc must be able to show you this certificate. This licence is in place to protect the welfare of the ponies that are hired, but also to make sure that the persons involved are also taking art in all relevant legislation relating to business conduct from employment to transport legislation. They must also have valid insurance policies and health and safety records to meet the licensing requirements.

By law a licensed establishment must display their certificate at their yard, office or on their website their licence number. 

If they don't have any if this then you can ask to see a copy of their certificate. 

To be a member of the APSPH our requirements are that all applicants hold a current REL certificate, that they agree that they will abide by all HPA rules and regulations and that they have applicable insurance. 

Find A Pony Provider

All of our members are listed by county to make it easier to find them with links to their websites and their REL expiry dates.

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Need to Report a Concern?

If you have a concern about the welfare of a hired polo pony, the welfare of staff, or a general concern regarding one of our members or non-members then please send us a report with as much detail as possible using our contact form below. We will aim to deal with the concern as swiftly as possible. It may be that we have to contact other authorities to assist or overtake the concern. 

If you would like to understand more about how we deal with reports please lick below to read or download our reporting procedure.

Click here for our Reporting Procedure

Report a Concern

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